Crushing it on SPOTLIT as a DJ while gaining more Fans and Fame

How DJs Can Use Spotlit

Packed out clubs and live music may seem a distant memory during the pandemic, but for DJs interested in moving into digital space, there’s an alternative. Whilst it’s a big change from performing at venues, DJs can use Spotlit to release exclusive videos of new tracks and live stream with fans, and we are going to tell you how.

A number of talented musicians have been making a jump to Spotlit recently such as Kagia, a talented Merian DJ who has toured in over 20 countries. During times of economic uncertainty for those relying on gig employment, there are still viable options to keep earning.

Due to the pandemic, almost 70% of gig workers have said they have no income at all. Worrying statistics like these require workers in this sector to make bold decisions.  Familiarizing yourself with all the innovative features on Spotlit may take a little time, but it will be worth your while!

 Getting started

The hardest part of any new endeavor is often the first step. Shifting your focus from performing at nightclubs to setting up a digital event can be pretty disorientating. The key is to create engaging online content is to drive up engagement to your new page and identify what the audience enjoys the most. You’ll want to keep things fresh to encourage people to subscribe.

Spread the word as far as you can, across as many social media platforms as possible. Creating a buzz is crucial for attracting potential followers and making a big impact. Carving out a niche straight off the bat can help you gain followers, so keep an eye out for requests and gaps in the market.

Performing live

An indispensable feature for Spotlit DJs is Go Live. Streaming a live event to your subscribers provides them with an exclusive virtual experience. It may not be quite the same as performing to a crowd of festival-goers, but it provides a unique opportunity to connect with your fans.

Making the most of the interaction tools will give your audience a much more personalized performance. With these tools, your fans can send you hearts if they’re enjoying themselves and send you comments for requests and encouragement. They also have the ability to tip you for your hard work. Not only is it an excellent way for fans to show appreciation, but the earning potential from tips can also be substantial.

You can even co-stream with another creator to add an extra dimension to your online events. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow creators to organize digital performances that can bring in an even larger audience.

Consider Lifestyle and behind the Scenes Content

Spotlit is a great way to keep up your output profitability from a purely musical standpoint. However, there is a market for much more personal and lifestyle-related content as well. Your fans will certainly want to take part in your live streams but may also be interested in the creative process. You can provide subscribers with a tips and tricks video, a look at some of your favourite music albums, or how you’ve been keeping busy during the lockdown.

Sharpen your skills

Now is an excellent time for you to get creative with your work and experiment with new ideas. Improving your technical skills is easily put off, but honing your craft can supply you with tangible benefits. Brush up on turn-tabling, scratching, and your use of FX to make sure that you bring a sharpness to your content that sets you apart from other DJs using Spotlit.

To monetize your skill set, one tactic might be to attract up and coming DJs who are interested in learning more about their craft. With the PPV system, tutorial videos on some of the more challenging aspects of the job can beneficial to you and your subscribers. This prevents your abilities from stagnating and provides you with income at the same time.

Creativity is a virtue that is rewarded on Apps like Spotlit, so don’t hesitate to try out all sorts of ideas that you think your fans will enjoy.


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