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How Musicians Can Perform On Spotlit

Moving your concerts to the digital space is one way to keep your fans engaged, keep your skills sharp and recoup the income lost to those canceled gigs.

Can you imagine getting through lockdown without books, films, video games and music? During the coronavirus pandemic, the arts have been a lifeline for many. But with concerts, plays and all kinds of live events having been taken off the table, if your income depends on the performing arts, you might be struggling right now.

Limitation can be the mother of creativity, and however, musicians at all levels have been using the internet to keep on practicing their art whilst maintaining social distancing. Sautisol, The Kansol, and King Kaka are all artists who have released music during the pandemic. Releasing music online may be nothing new but performing online is a different beast.

Moving your concerts to the digital space is one way to keep your fans engaged, keep your skills sharp and recoup the income lost to those canceled gigs. Spotlit is a good place to do this! Musicians can perform on Spotlit by using the Go Live feature, which can be utilized in a number of ways. Read on to find out how:

Go Live and Stream Your Concerts

Unlike other streaming platforms, on Spotlit only your subscribers will be able to watch your streams (Unless you are co-streaming – we’ll get to that in a bit). This can give a wonderful exclusive feel to your digital concerts – especially if you make use of the interaction tools available when you Go Live to interact with your fans.

Nothing can replace the warmth you get from performing live to an appreciative audience, but Spotlit’ interaction tools allow you to capture some of that connection on stream. Your fans can send you a heart when they are really enjoying your music and also talk to you in the chat bar on the right-hand side. This is one way in which streamed concerts have the upper hand on IRL ones – your audience can send requests and comments for you to check between songs, without interrupting your performance.

Of course, an important reason musicians are streaming their concerts on Spotlit right now is to recoup some of the income lost due to canceled gigs during the coronavirus pandemic. There are many ways a musician can earn on Spotlit, but streaming your performance is one of the best ways to earn through tips. Fans can tip creators on any Spotlit stream. Your fans might tip you spontaneously, great! There is also no shame in asking for tips, either in return for a service such as playing a request or as a show of support.

Perform Online for a ticket fee

If you have a free Spotlit account you can Go Live with a payment gated-stream. This essentially means you can charge a “ticket fee in the same way you would to an in-person concert. You can set your own entry price depending on what your concert is worth, the average ticket is around $3.

Perform With Fellow Musician

On Spotlit you can co-stream with a fellow creator. If you don’t want the pressure of performing a full concert by yourself, why not team up with another musician and do a collaborative digital concert? Subscribers to both of your Spotlit accounts will be able to watch your stream.

You can find out how in our co-streaming post.

Upload your live videos

If streaming doesn’t appeal, you can still perform on Spotlit by uploading videos of your performances after the fact. If you have a paid account, this can be great content for your fans included in their subscription fee. If you have a free account, you can make these into paid posts and earn from them that way.

Musicians are Performing on Spotlit

Limitations can be the mother of creativity, in this case, digital creativity. The technology to live-stream concerts has been around for a while but lockdowns around the world have forced musicians and audiences alike to wake up to the benefits and the opportunities of performing online. If you are a musician looking for a place to focus your energies during all of this time at home, sign up to Spotlit, and see if it works for you. With musicians using Spotlit to release content and interact with their fans in innovative ways, it looks like musicians will be embracing the digital side of their craft long after the pandemic is over.

Crushing it on SPOTLIT as a DJ while gaining more Fans and Fame

How DJs Can Use Spotlit

Packed out clubs and live music may seem a distant memory during the pandemic, but for DJs interested in moving into digital space, there’s an alternative. Whilst it’s a big change from performing at venues, DJs can use Spotlit to release exclusive videos of new tracks and live stream with fans, and we are going to tell you how.

A number of talented musicians have been making a jump to Spotlit recently such as Kagia, a talented Merian DJ who has toured in over 20 countries. During times of economic uncertainty for those relying on gig employment, there are still viable options to keep earning.

Due to the pandemic, almost 70% of gig workers have said they have no income at all. Worrying statistics like these require workers in this sector to make bold decisions.  Familiarizing yourself with all the innovative features on Spotlit may take a little time, but it will be worth your while!

 Getting started

The hardest part of any new endeavor is often the first step. Shifting your focus from performing at nightclubs to setting up a digital event can be pretty disorientating. The key is to create engaging online content is to drive up engagement to your new page and identify what the audience enjoys the most. You’ll want to keep things fresh to encourage people to subscribe.

Spread the word as far as you can, across as many social media platforms as possible. Creating a buzz is crucial for attracting potential followers and making a big impact. Carving out a niche straight off the bat can help you gain followers, so keep an eye out for requests and gaps in the market.

Performing live

An indispensable feature for Spotlit DJs is Go Live. Streaming a live event to your subscribers provides them with an exclusive virtual experience. It may not be quite the same as performing to a crowd of festival-goers, but it provides a unique opportunity to connect with your fans.

Making the most of the interaction tools will give your audience a much more personalized performance. With these tools, your fans can send you hearts if they’re enjoying themselves and send you comments for requests and encouragement. They also have the ability to tip you for your hard work. Not only is it an excellent way for fans to show appreciation, but the earning potential from tips can also be substantial.

You can even co-stream with another creator to add an extra dimension to your online events. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow creators to organize digital performances that can bring in an even larger audience.

Consider Lifestyle and behind the Scenes Content

Spotlit is a great way to keep up your output profitability from a purely musical standpoint. However, there is a market for much more personal and lifestyle-related content as well. Your fans will certainly want to take part in your live streams but may also be interested in the creative process. You can provide subscribers with a tips and tricks video, a look at some of your favourite music albums, or how you’ve been keeping busy during the lockdown.

Sharpen your skills

Now is an excellent time for you to get creative with your work and experiment with new ideas. Improving your technical skills is easily put off, but honing your craft can supply you with tangible benefits. Brush up on turn-tabling, scratching, and your use of FX to make sure that you bring a sharpness to your content that sets you apart from other DJs using Spotlit.

To monetize your skill set, one tactic might be to attract up and coming DJs who are interested in learning more about their craft. With the PPV system, tutorial videos on some of the more challenging aspects of the job can beneficial to you and your subscribers. This prevents your abilities from stagnating and provides you with income at the same time.

Creativity is a virtue that is rewarded on Apps like Spotlit, so don’t hesitate to try out all sorts of ideas that you think your fans will enjoy.

How Influencers can use Spotlit

Regardless of the size of your audience, there are plenty of monetization features  (e.g pay-per-view messaging, tipping, subscription, etc) so you can easily make money from your content.

Even though numbers do kind of matter in the influencer world, having a smaller following on your social media channels doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful on Spotlit. If you’re a small social media influencer or would like to be one you can still carve out a successful career in the digital world- and monetize your content effectively.

One of the amazing things about Spotlit is that you don’t need to have a huge following on other social media channels to make it big on the platform. As long as you have a loyal audience, and you’re creating content that’s engaging, entertaining, and informative, you can make money as a Spotlit Creator and thrive in the influencer space.

Even though having many followers is a key aspect of being a successful influencer  and digital content creator, being a micro-influencer comes with its chops like:

Becoming an expert in your niche – Building trust and authority in your specialized area. Let’s be honest people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Be that guy in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, fitness, food, sport, etc.

Having a smaller but loyal audience that you can easily connect with.

Relatability and authenticity as a content creator.

How influencers can use Spotlit

Here are the many ways you can make use of the spotlit as an influencer:

You can use Spotlit as an additional social media channel where you post your Premium content

To boost your online presence as an influencer and digital content creator, it’s important to make use of the social media channels available.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to use all the popular social media channels to boost your online profile.

Instead, what you do is pick around 1-5 social media channels that will align with your audience and digital presence.

With Spotlit, you can use the platform as an extension of your main digital platform. This is a great way to create extra social media content and boost your digital presence and online brand.

You can use Spotlit in line with other digital media platform

if your ultimate aim is to become a full-time social media influencer, then try using Spotlit in line with your other social media platforms.

It’s a clever tactic because when it comes to being an influencer, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. This means that you can’t rely on one platform for success and/or to make money and you should diversify your income.

Speaking of which…

You can use Spotlit as another form of monetizing your content

One of the best things about digital media is that there’s a wealth of opportunities to make money from your content, and there are many ways to do this on the app.

Regardless of the size of your audience, there are plenty of monetization features  (e.g pay-per-view messaging, tipping, subscription, etc) so you can easily make money from your content.

You can use Spotlit to share exclusive content

If you want to share content for your loyal and long-time subscribers that you don’t want to showcase anywhere else, then you can utilize Spotlit as an influencer or a coach. You can post exclusive content and hide it under a paywall, which is a good way to earn passive income and consistent revenue and add value to your content.

Are you an influencer, micro-influencer, coach or do you feel you have what it takes to be one?

10 Things to Do When You Sign Up on Spotlit

Find out what your fans want and learn what works. Use polls to ask your fans what kind of content they want to see next and track what’s successful with the help of the analytics feature on Spotlit.

So you’ve created a Spotlit Exclusive account, what now? We’ve looked at the strategies of top creators to put together this list of 10 things to do when you sign up to do Spotlit. All these tips have a proven track record of paving the way to success, but not all may suit your personality. Read on, take inspiration trust your instincts, and craft a Spotlit strategy that works for you!


  1. Promote your Spotlit Channel online

The usual suspects, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook work well of course, but feel free to get creative. People have found success sharing their links on Reddit, Tiktok, or their official websites and blogs.

  1. Advertise your content

Give current and potential followers a good idea of what kind of content you’ll be posting, with short clips, images, announcements, or polling. You can do this on social media or on your Spotlit Exclusive page itself unless you have set your profile to fully private, non-subscribers will be able to see the written part of your posts. Fans like to see that an account they are considering subscribing to is posting content regularly.

  1. Talk to your fans

Consistency and communication are key. Make a posting schedule and try to stick to it and reply to comments and DMs Let your fans feel like they’re in their own community, purpose-built for them to get closer to you.

  1. Try Tiered PPVs

Pay-per-view messages allow you to share exclusive content via messages with your dedicated fans who are willing to pay for it. Try sending PPVs with a variety of prices to appeal to fans with different levels of finances and commitment. For example; low: $3 Medium: $10, High: $15

  1. Reserve the content that you think will be most lucrative for PPVs

Your superfans will be willing to pay to open your PPVs if they feel they’re going to get something really special.

  1. Get to know your audience

Find out what your fans want and learn what works. Use polls to ask your fans what kind of content they want to see next and track what’s successful with the help of the analytics feature on Spotlit. For your PPVs, you can track how many messages have been opened, read, and which price points are most successful.

  1. Do promotional campaigns throughout the year

Sales are a great way to draw people in or engage your current followers by making them feel they’re getting a bargain for extra content. There is always an excuse to do a promotional campaign, like making use of Halloween, Christmas, or whatever seasonal event you celebrate.

  1. Collaborate with other creators and swap shout outs

Team up with like-minded creators that have audiences with similar interests to your followers. You can swap shout outs and content or, even better, shoot joint content together. Spotlit allows you to tag other creators in posts just like any other social media platform, meaning creators can shout each other out and collaborate with ease.


  1. Consider Making your account Free

An alternate strategy to consider is making your account free. This can allow for a higher following as subscribers don’t have to commit to paying a monthly subscription fee. Free accounts can use the pay-per-view post feature, which allows you to monetize individual posts, in addition to PPVs and tips. Although you don’t have the predictability of subscription income, this strategy can be lucrative and lead to wider brand recognition.

  1. Set right subscription price

A reasonable price is probably between $9.99 and $15.99 depending on your content and posting schedule. The price needs to be high enough that the fan feels they are purchasing a quality product, but low enough that they will be willing to spend more on PPVs or tips without feeling shortchanged.

Launch Your Spotlit Account with a Bang

The easiest way to promote Spotlit is online specifically social media.  You can recommend your Spotlit channel to your Social media subscribers and followers and grow your Spotlit fanbase.

With most things in life, starting on the right track will make things easier down the line. Whilst mistakes and wrong directions can be valuable life lessons, wouldn’t it be great if you could launch your Spotlit account with a bang and ride on the train of success? Here are some ways to do that.

Prepare, Prepare (Content Creators)

Yes, you do hear stories of people starting on Spotlit on a whim and doing really well. However, for most, the secret to success is planning. Use our Friends Calculator to get an estimate on how much you could earn on Spotlit and then think about how much time and resources you are willing to invest in yourself to maximize your earnings. As an influencer, you are probably used to thinking of yourself as a business. Whilst spontaneous content can be wonderful, it’s probably a good idea to plan out most of your content in advance, at least to begin with. Try different types of content and different posting patterns and keep records of what works well, until you find your Spotlit routine.


The easiest way to promote Spotlit is online specifically social media.  You can recommend your Spotlit channel to your Social media subscribers and followers and grow your Spotlit fanbase. Basically, share posts via Twitter or advertise your Spotlit page anywhere you have fans. You can also get creative about promoting Spotlit offline – if you’re a performer you could hold a launch party to spread the word in the physical world. Many of our creators also find success launching Spotlit with an introductory rate and then raising their price when they get more comfortable with the platform.

Start with great content

A great way to launch your Spotlit account with a bang is to use some exceptional content for its debut. If there’s a wonderful idea you’ve been sitting on for a while, now is the time. Let all your followers on your free platforms know this amazing premium content you have uploaded on Spotlit Exclusive to create a sense of FOMO and encourage them to sign up.

Be Bamboo

Like most entrepreneurial endeavors, success on Spotlit requires you to be like bamboo; Strong and flexible. This might seem in contrast to the next point, but it’s not. It’s good to have a plan, but realistically there are unexpected factors that will come into play when you actually start your hustle on Spotlit, and you need to be able to roll with the punches. For example, some creators have problems choosing an appropriate subscription price. If you are not getting as many subscribers as you expected, you might want to consider lowering your price. If you’ve had a lot of people sign up and you can’t keep up with your inbox, maybe consider raising it. Ultimately, pay attention to what’s working and what’s not, be willing to adopt and enjoy the ride.

Know your audience

We often see between 5.5% and 10.7% of content creator’s followers on their free socials sign up to Spotlit. The people you are catering to are likely to be your most dedicated fans, who want to interact with you and your content on a deeper level. Consider how you can sell your Spotlit Exclusive to these people.

One entrepreneurial mid-level creator did a poll on her Instagram asking her followers whether she should get a Spotlit Exclusive account. As well as planted the idea into the heads of everyone who watches her Instagram. Many people responded to the story letting her know how much they would love to pay for exclusive content on Spotlit. When this creator launched her account she messaged these people and they became her core subscribers and highest tippers.