How YouTubers Can Use Spotlit

Together as content creators

Let’s be honest, there is a lot of work and money that goes into creating exciting and unique YouTube videos. Just getting the equipment is an endless shopping list that might cost an arm and a leg and it’s far from guaranteed that you’ll make your money back with your first few videos. Not only do you need a decent camera, microphone, props and video editing software. which will easily set you back a couple of hundred big ones, you will also need to invest your time in creating content that will stand out from the rest. We’re talking storyboards, resources, set up, and producing the content itself which could take longer than the average working week.

With YouTube ad revenue crashing, there is very little reason to create content on YouTube at all, if your goal is to make money. The only way to successfully monetize your content is through sponsorship, touring, and merchandise. This is a long process and sucks the joy out of creating content for YouTube. YouTube should be fun and engaging, not a business strategy. However, what if we told you, you can make money, connect with your subscribers and still have fun making videos? 

Spotlit is a social media platform that allows your subscribers or “fans”, as we like to call them, to pay a monthly subscription fee to see your content. This can range from posting pictures, videos, live streams, or even blogs. It works like any other social media platform but with fewer restrictions, meaning you can post anything you want! Here are a few reasons why YouTubers should use Spotlit.

Exclusive content

Treat your fans right with exclusive content on Spotlit. This could be never before seen videos, sneak peeks, behind the scenes footage, personal vlogs, pictures, and so on. Make sure your content is more valuable to your fans. If subscribers feel like they’re getting more of the same, especially from free platforms, fans may feel they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Your input matters

Spotlit is a great place to express yourself directly to your audience. Fans want to hear your thoughts and love it when you’re being yourself and speaking your mind. This platform not only allows you to speak freely to your community but it also enables you to help fellow creators who might be struggling with your content. Your name and your input really do matter to your fans.

Interact with your audience

The major advantage of Spotlit is the opportunity to connect with your fans one-to-one. Not only does this help build strong relationships with your fanbase, but this can also give you some insight into what the fans want from you. Ask them for suggestions and ideas for future content. This might just give you the edge to get ahead of the pack. 

Consistent income

Not only do you get amazing features in the palm of your hand but having subscribers also provides consistent income. As long as you get subscribers, you’re always earning money. You no longer need sponsors or business strategies to fill up your piggy bank. It’s the easiest way to monetize your content without the hassle.

It’s not just about the money

That said and done, just because you can make money from Spotlit doesn’t mean you have to. Spotlit has the option of free accounts too! The platform can help build a community around your YouTube channel and gives your viewers the opportunity to walk beside you into stardom. Really get to know your fans and show how much they mean to you with exclusive content dedicated to them personally.

There is huge potential here on Spotlit if you are willing to put in the work. It’s a great platform to connect with your fans in ways so few other platforms will allow you to. By posting regularly and steadily growing your fanbase. It won’t take long for your career to take off as both a YouTuber and as a Spotlit creator.


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